Post Trump World Order

Donald J. Trump is a political wrecking ball. Millions of Americans voted for him because he promised to restore common sense in American politics and raze the new world order.  Regardless of what you think about him, or his politics, Trump can make America greater than ever by making the world better than ever.  You and I are presented with a window of opportunity to shape a post Trump world order that respects individual sovereignty, cultural autonomy, and the independence of nations.

The Ashburn Institute and UniversalU are teaming up to facilitate one of the most important conversations of the 21st century.  Should we stick with the existing world order that favors the one percent or replace it with one that favors the ninety-nine percent?  Stop following the one percent, and exercise your voice!

UniversalU is looking for individuals throughout the world to participate in an online convention to draft a post Trump world order strategy.  Participants will explore the history of world order strategy and apply the lessons of the past to prepare for the future.